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It seemed like a good idea


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Stupid microwave.

There's a thermostat that cuts out when the exhaust temps get too high.  That temp i s LOWER than the temp you can set when using it as a convection oven.  And it doesn't reset.  And it's tucked away where it's super hard to reach and you can't see it without uninstalling and disassembling.

But,  you CAN reach a screwdriver in there.  So I bought a cheap WiFi Borescope, got the part out no problem.  Getting the new one in?  Couldn't hold it in place AND get the screws in.  Still had to rip the exhaust flue apart and uninstall the microwave.  Killed most of Saturday, didn't get much else done.

But the Borescope is cool, should have bought one years ago.

Did get all the wiring fixed at Jr. Wife's house, even thought that was preempted to cut up a tree that went down from the wind.

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6 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

$12? That's astounding!

Do they make one that works with a flip phone?

I paid around $30 a few years ago for the exact scope. 

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Navy story:  Once upon a time a sailor who was closing the inspection hatch to the bull gear housing on a nuclear submarine let a wrench slip out of his hand and watched and listened as it bounced down about 2 stories through the mechanism.  Normally this housing is installed and removed through a large hole in the hull and that takes months and months in a shipyard.

While the Navy was resigning itself to taking it in the ass for millions and millions of dollars a pair of enterprising warrant officers in the squadron staff read up about a new device called a borescope.  It was part of a long flexible snake with the optics, a light and a small claw on the end.  The warrant officers managed to get their hands on one and in a matter of a couple of days used it to search through the gear housing till they found the wrench.  It was finally hooked by the scope and ever so slowly extracted from the housing while everyone held their breath lest it be dropped again.

Those warrant officers never got all the recognition they deserved.  Just another day in the cold war submarine service.

Edit.  It was a long time ago and I can't remember if it was in the gear housing or the turbine housing just in front of the gears.  It was not me and I heard about the story second hand as it was unfolding.

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1 hour ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:


I've got one of those, but when it came in from Amazon it must have been a return because the cord was missing out of the package.  :angry:

Oh, and the rotary phone in my kitchen isn't green.




Works with almond and eggshell blue as well.  Kite string will work as a cord substitute 

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