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Test date, 1st of 2022


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The temperature got up into the upper 40's today with little wind and lots of sun so I took two cars to the test track (parking lot at the Catholic Church.)  First the good.  Jumpin Jack Flash the gasser class car ran a solid 3.54 seconds at 34 miles per hour.  This is my winningest car that brought home a cash paying meet victory last year.  They changed the rules for this year and I had to add about 200 grams of weight.  This is a class where no one has run under 3.5 seconds yet and I'm already right there with some adjustments still in the bank.

Next the bad:  The Bracketeer wouldn't run at all and I brought it back home where it seems that it's brand new receiver is dead in the throttle channel.  I put one of my older standard receivers in it and all is well.  So back to the test lot for some more runs.  This car has the power train from my last years 13.5 car but is a lot shorter.  Think Pinto vs Chevell.  There is so much power that the front wheels come up immediately and then I can't steer.  There is a lot of tuning to be done there including the precise alignment of the wheelie bar, a lot of nose weight and some serious adjustments to the throttle curve to try to tame it.  I hate to say it but to make it a very consistent bracket car I may have to use a lesser motor.

At any rate it was good to get out and actually run some of the cars instead of staring at them on the work bench.  Maybe more testing on Wednesday and then back into winter for a few more weeks.

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And the Bracketeer transmission is junk.  There were metal chips where the output shaft wobbled (poly shims failed) and the clutch assembly rubbed against the case.  I rebuilt everything this morning with the original stock transmission case.  Back to testing tomorrow.

This is what the preseason is all about.

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