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What is your main sound system?

Road Runner

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Just like Chris's, except the driver is Youtube on my Grandpa Box or the laptop.  We have a cheapo Aiwa system in the living room, but it very seldom gets played.  The vast majority of my listening is on the car system.  I also have two cheapo MP3 players with FM, but the reception sucks on them both, so I usually listen to NPR All Aboot the Music podcasts on them.  The Sony Walkman MP3 player died after aboot only two years.  I also had an HD FM player that died fairly quickly.

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I have a 24-year old 100W Pioneer receiver...


...running through a $10 pair of bookshelf speakers.


I have a nice pair of speakers but the woofers need new foam surrounds.  Apparently I'm too lazy to even go buy the repair kit, much less install them.  These speakers have been out of commission for about 10 years, I think.

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I have an old quality system out in the garage that I sometimes plug my phone into and listen to while working out there.  I think it's Pioneer.  I have a system in the study that still works (I think) that never gets used.  Mostly I listen to stuff in my car with my phone plugged into the jack.

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