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well, it is president's day


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Even though I am not president. I took the day off.

Spun up a few new self hosting applications in the morning, had a lovely 2 mole walk with the wife. Then she banished me out of the house. 

She was still working and the weather was too nice to be indoors tinkering on computers. I went to the beach, Honeymoon Island, rented a kayak and paddled to Caladesi Island for some shells. Swam and came home. 

It may of been presidents day but mine was kingly.

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I had to work too…

When I was a booster President I jacked one of my sons friends skateboards & took off.  One of the baseball parents, a Mexican dude & really a funny guy yells out, El Presidente noooooooo!  I laughed so hard I had to hop off.  I also broke the kids board (I think it was already busted but I finished it off..) so ended up buying him a new one…

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