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Well...I think this "storm" is gonna be a bust..


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Just saying..:whistle: north of here the already got 8 inches...more tomorrow like maybe another 8..or 10

We haven't even got a dusting yet :( I oh so wanted a snow day..now they are talking an inch by morning...maybe 5 inches when it's over :dontknow:...that's kinda my cut off lately..more than 5 inches..stay home..

I dont think its gonna happen :frantics:

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While we were UP north last weekend, the news, our phones, GPS and everyone we talked to kept warning us of the doom and gloom Monday storm. That, and someone we knew needed to have their truck and snomo trailer pulled out of the ditch during the huge snow storm caused multi vehicle pile up on Friday. So yesterday, we woke up early and headed home at 5am. All we saw were some flurries that stopped when we got south of Rhinelander. 

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