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Dennis Will Be Proud Of Me!

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Got in around 20 miles of single speed riding yesterday! 

Woot woot!

I think the funnest part was towards the end of the ride. I was dragging a little, but it was also a bit busy as I hit the last few miles.  A dude I had been leap-frogging (he was waiting for someone) passed me with another rider in tow.  We had just passed a slow knot of people, and they took off.  I spun it up a bit, closed the gap, and enjoyed a little bit of fun and games.  Someone was on my wheel too, and I got a heckuva a laugh as he yelled loudly - ON YOUR LEFT - and took off in a spring for the last 1/4 mile before the parking lot.  He was a dude I had passed miles back who was in team kit, but not too quick (until his heroic sprint win!).  Too funny.

Anyway, that's a fun exercise - picking the right gear selection for a ride I usually work through a half dozen or more gear combos.  I went with right at my "normal" cadence for most situations, but spun out quite often in the steady downhill sections.  Thankfully, a little headwind kept me from really gaining a head of steam. I'd be super frustrated had it been a "fast" ride day.

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