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So, would a Blog be an acceptable space for musing about current events?


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6 minutes ago, MoseySusan said:

Asking for a friend.

I wanted to read Dr. Mickin’s post about the situation-we-shall-not-discuss. Maybe if he wrote it in a Blog? 

Depends how one views purpose of blog when firing up into blogsphere...

if it's JUST to vent and blogger doesn't care to get any responses, then it could be something. Somehow I don't see Dr. Mickin' blogging and not caring to interact with readers/even have readers/commenters.  He would have something to offer to the world in a coherent way.

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3 minutes ago, BuffJim said:

Sure why not. I missed Mick’s excitement. Didn’t know we have a situation. 

His post regarding events in a certain Eastern European nation disappeared before I could read it. 

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1 hour ago, shootingstar said:

He would have something to offer to the world in a coherent way.

Who is to say he doesn't?   When Dr. Mickin says something, it may sometimes be overly long and possibly overly-detailed, but his posts generally have merit.  I would read a Dr. Mickin blog.

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Just now, MoseySusan said:

I’m wondering if we can use the Blog space to write about current events that are off-limits here in the Cafe. 

A blog is by nature an opinion piece, I am fine with blogs like that as I can choose to read or not read it, choice is like that.  I can also quit reading it at any time. I am a grown-ass adult and if I disagree with it, well, it isn't my blog.

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12 minutes ago, MoseySusan said:

Canuckistan is sooo east, it’s considered in the west. 

One thing for certain, I don't feel like sullying my blog with overt politics....BUT some topics which I've done a blog post here and there, others would view  as "political". I dunno why. Then next  post has birds/butterflies/mountains and ordinary life. Well, my life is ordinary but for others they don't  experience same thing.

Oh yea, my area is viewed as more redneck...because of cowboy yahoo politicians.  However today, I saw 90% people masked ...outside on the street (keeps your face warm  in bloody winter) and in the shopping mall today. 

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