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Electric filing of my skin


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..on soles of my dry skin ravaged feet.:huh: In addition to a strange callous in middle undersole of my foot. That's what my podiatrist...I didn't ask for this folks! He flipped on his electric filing machine and mowed my foot skin.

Part of my annual renewal for a new set of  custom orthotics. First time, though for this filing. Dry prairie air does seriously make my foot soles/heels peel..

He told me my feet will feel better, especially the foot where I thought foot structure had dropped a tad.  He said it's a common problem.

Now, some of this might be achieved walking barefoot on thick sandy beach for 1-2 km.

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I feel your pain. I have cracked heels and put heel cream on them daily. Still I have callous buildups and have a electric grinder to shave off some of the rough stuff. I also have bad toenails and a little electric machine to clean them up about once a month. I probably could go to a nail tech and have a pedicure done but I'm too cheap.

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