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21 minutes ago, Philander Seabury said:

Nice!  How did you manage that?

Let's just say that this may be temporary. 

Thank you, Covid, I guess.  I have mixed feelings about the scenario. 

21 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

become a manager:dontknow:


I've been a manager for at least a decade.

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43 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

My own office, with a window.  Wowza.

Windows make you feel like you've got a lot more space.

I taught in a high school with limited windows and for years my classroom had none.

Then they renovated the science department and my new lab/classroom was placed right along a long wall of big windows.

When the kids came into class, the first thing they did was look out the windows - they hadn't seen the outside since school began.

Then came 9-11 and the kids noticed we were under the approach to the main landing strip at BWI Airport.  It would look like the planes were heading right for our windows and some kids would go into a panic.

So I had to put brown paper over the windows for a few weeks until things calmed down and the kids hated it.  When I took the brown paper down it was as if the room doubled in size.

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6 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

And I am a problem solver.

This drawer doesn't stay closed. I fixed it.


I worked at a fancy French restaurant with aging equipment. The stove burners had to be lit each time with wooden matches. The oven door would not stay closed, so we jammed matches into it like your post-its. Once a match fell into the eggs and got cooked into an omelette ordered by a secret shopper. The cooks were embarrassed, but the kitchen mgr thought it was great. He was hoping it would send the message that we need a new stove and oven.

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10 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

It's a good thing you said that politely.  Last week somebody at her office said that in a snarky voice, and DH granted his request for a demonstration by punching 3 holes in him.

And just maybe that's why she now has her very own private room office.  Cheaper than the increasing insurance premiums.


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