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Finally got to buy some power tools.


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On every project, I usually need something I don't have.  Not this project.  I have, or had, everything I need.  I was at Home Depot yesterday and they had a deal on some overstock Ridgid power tools.  Buy the combo kit and they would throw in the 4x battery free, which costs $119.  I stood there a long time wanting to pull the string, but I had two drills, albeit old, at home that still worked fine.  Turned around and walked away.  When I got home I was finishing up the joist hanger screws (yes, those are legal , I checked with Permit Lady), and after the first few my best and favorite drill, quit.  The adjustable torque thingy let go and all it would do was run with no torque at all.


Anyway, back to Home Depot for the third time yesterday and I got the Ridgid combo kit.  Impact driver, hammer drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, LED work light, two batteries and the charger, and the free battery.  I've been using the impact driver and the circular saw all morning.  Way better than what I had.  :)

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 "The adjustable torque thingy let go and all it would do was run with no torque at all."


You could have the chuck replaced but no......


As someone in a sales class once told me "All purchase decisions are based on emotion, justified after the purchase with facts"


Enjoy you new rigid kit - yes you were reported.

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