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Spelling error in major news headline for national news source


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  • shootingstar changed the title to Spelling error in major news headline for national news source

19 hours ago, shootingstar said:

So article spelled "by" instead "buy". I cringe... this type of stuff was rarer decades ago. This is an established news source for past 80+ yrs.  I'm sorry, if you are paid to write, you must copy-edit. Me as a personal blogger, is exempt. :whistle:

I see a lot of articles online on Yahoo, a few on ABC, that have spelling errors and the error is, of course, always another word that's correctly spelled so the spell check app didn't pick it up.

Today, I wonder if anyone "proofreads" the articles.

Years ago, you not only had the original typing of an article, you had an editor or assistant that read the article before it went to print and you had the typesetter putting it into the printing press.  I wish my Uncle Dave was still alive - he did that for a living from the 1930's to the 60's - and I bet he would tell us he caught a lot of spelling errors.

I wood not blame al of et on the writer compared too the passed - note that my computer's spell checker finds nothing wrong in this entire sentence.

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