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Good enough for this winter


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It took us forever to convince my Dad to hire someone to do snow removal and the heavy yard work.  He loved to garden but finally realized he'd have more time to do the parts he enjoyed if he hired someone else to do the other parts.  Snow removal in the conditions where you live is very physically demanding and hiring someone who has heavy duty equipment to handle the worst parts can make a big difference.  Exercise is healthy, but too much stress in extreme conditions isn't good for either of you.

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4 hours ago, team scooter said:

Whenever I travel though the towns in the UP, I'm always impressed with the ways they find to stockpile all the snow they remove from the roads, driveways and walks. Some have piles in their front yards up to the second story windows. :o


Theses were over 6' tall before I chopped em down.

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Maybe have him throw it into a lawn cart and you or him can haul it where you want to dump each load.  It will extend the time required to clear the snow, but might also serve as a semi-rest break from actual shoveling.

Depending on health, the one below (video at bottom) is easy to move around and shouldn't be too heavy when full of snow - which averages 20 lb/cu.ft.

I'm 71 and out of shape. In August, a couple months after I moved back into my house last year, I looked for a decent but not huge size lawn cart that I could handle without a problem.  Carts in the configuration I wanted were very hard to find.  I couldn't find the shallower type of lawn cart I used to have, but I found this one.  I didn't want inflated tires - one more thing to go wrong - and I wanted two V or U-shaped supports on the back instead of 2 more wheels, for stability and so it wouldn't roll around after I set it down.

I wish I had found the one with the single handle as on the video at bottom, but I bought the two handled one in the picture below and it's fine. I have been happy with the handling of this Gorilla Carts 7-cu ft Poly Yard Cart that's $134 at Lowe's.  It was hard to find and only available at about the 6th closest Lowe's to my house.

This will be a big help when I move some dirt around my yard this Spring.



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On 2/26/2022 at 7:14 PM, smudge said:

This is not the first time I've had to cut these banks down. HoSmudge just doesn't throw the snow back far enough early in the season, so by this time of winter there is nowhere to throw new snow. He's 68, I'm 57. We are going to have a talk. If he can't throw the snow farther, he will need to pay someone with a loader and dump truck to haul away some of this each winter. I can't keep doing this. I'm proud of my hard work, but I shouldn't have to do it.

Both of these are down a few feet from their original heights.

This whole story does not make any sense to me.  It is mind-boggling.

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