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3 minutes ago, Airehead said:

I could send you items for your gift shop. How was the turkey. 

It came out great.  I mistimed it just a tad.  It was done about 30 minutes too early.  Hot gravy saves the day with semi warm turkey.  My stuffing was great.  I made the bread for the cubes.  Everything was homemade in the Xanadu kitchen. I'll tell you this, Thanksgiving is completely out of my wheelhouse.  I did really good just going rogue and crafting it all.  I really love to cook just about anything. There are still a few things that frighten me.  The beef cow purchase has taught me how to prepare just about any cut.  My cuts were usually very limited. I can even make great short ribs now, and then make something with the leftover bones. 

I used to have a service for sixteen of these duck plates.  My friend said "You have had these for as long as I have known you."  I am down to about a complete service for about five.  The ducks are starting to really to look shabby.   I love my mismatched silverware and shabby old duck plates.  They might be meager but there is a lot of love in our kitchen.  


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