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Crossed another thing off the list


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22 minutes ago, Gump said:

I think ours expire next year. Should probably renew sooner rather than later.

You want to be ready when the time is right. Window might be tighter with everyone having same idea...at only certain times of year. Now that we've figured when there will be higher infection rates..

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16 hours ago, petitepedal said:

....that wasn't on this weekend's list...

Passport photo :cheerleader:

I keep saying to my nieces - now 21, 18, and 15, that they need to get off their butts and get their passports.  It drives me nuts that they don't just do it, but I can't get them for them, and two are adults, so the ball is in their court.  My wife and I travel and share with them enough that they ought to realize it opens up a lot of opportunities for fun, but I think the process of getting the original passport is a bit of a headache. 

I'm gonna pester them more. The 21 yr old mentioned Greece as somewhere she'd like to go, and we'd happily go back there and bring her.  Same with the other kids if we get back to France this summer.  They're old enough to come along, do their own thing when they want, or join us for the more boring "adult" stuff.  

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