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Stew is infuriating


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I just finished the last of my stew from Friday, and I have to say that it really pissed me off. The celery was the right size, the carrots were the right size, the consistency was good.  However, the meat chunks were oversized and the potatoes were oversized.


It is kind of my own damn fault for buying "beef for stew" prepackaged, then cutting the potatoes to match the beef size.  I have realized that all of America does it this way now, and I think it is wrong.  I don't want to have to contort my mandibles awkwardly to shove in oversized meat (I will leave that to sorority chicks) and potatoes.  I will cut my own damn meat next time, and minimize potato size and amount (I don't think much of potatoes, anyway).


In the meantime, I think you should stop making stew the wrong way, too.

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