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Nephew Adam chose the public high school gifted IT program for the Fall


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My 8th Grade nephew Adam, top 0.1% in Math and top 1% in English in the national tests, was selected for the prestigious IT Program for the Gifted and Talented in the local public high school when he enters 9th Grade this Fall.  He told me today that he and his parents have accepted it.  Two of his closest friends, in the same grade at the Catholic school they currently attend, will also be in the program.  I'm very pleased with the choice.

He was also offered a $6500 partial scholarship to one of the Catholic High schools ($16,725/yr total tuition), but on top of the cost, the school is a 45 min or more drive away through the sometimes temporarily blocked Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, making extracurricular stuff a pain.  The local public high school, higher-rated in math and where most of the kids live in $300K to $500K houses, is a 7 minute drive from home.  It's also 15 minutes from my home if he needs to come home if he's sick, etc. and I'll be listed as someone who can sign him out. I retired from teaching in the same school system.

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