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Going to the dermatologist for a check up


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on Thursday. I haven't been in to see her since April.  I'll find out if wearing my Brim on my helmet and using almost two cases of sunblock over the summer kept me from destroying my skin completely. Since my skin cancers she said she wants to keep an eye on me at least every six months.

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Good luck!  You should have a groin inspection if your dermatologist is hot, btw.

She isn't bad looking but she has never done that yet.  She has me remove all my clothes and place a paper towel over my groin. Maybe if she knew I was a nudist she would want to check that out too?

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Ok, just got back from the doctor's.  Pretty good checkup, the places where I had the previous skin cancer all look good.  She treated multiple places on my body that had a pre=cancerous condition.  She froze them with liquid nitrogen. She said after a month for them to heal up I am supposed to treat them with some of that $1,000 cream that I used on my face.  She said I don't need to come back until next October.

I think Chopped_Liver_Bot knows a place that will make that special facial cream a lot cheaper than $1000.00.   


I think he said he paid like $250 and got a massage as well.

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