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I paid for the whole tachometer, I am gonna use the whole tachometer

Square Wheels

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8 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:


I would have expected @BR46 to post this.

That said... I've used the entire tach on WoBG's Honda Prelude.   The redline is 7500 rpm, and the rev limiter kicks in at 8000 rpm.   

When the rev limiter kicks in, the gas is shut off to the motor for a while, and you slow down rather quickly when that happens.   I shift at 7800 rpm.  I don't want to engage the rev limiter again anytime soon.


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9 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

It took such a long time to get up there.  Was there no traction?  :(

Plenty of traction. The bike stock is 200hp and he did 192mph. A lot of street bikes start hitting the wall where the aerodynamics starts holding you back.

4 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:


The bike is 200hp not 5000hp

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6 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

I don't think I would go 200mph in a car, never happening on a bike.

I went about 115 on my last bike.  Plenty fast enough for me.  The vid was cool.  Not something i would do, but cool to watch someone else do it.

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33 minutes ago, Bikeguy said:

I watched the first 5 minutes.   This person is way beyond crazy....   

Then you will love the Isle of Man TT


Or the Southern 100

Or the southern 100 in the rain at 200mph


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I was thinking about my tachometer recently for my 117 hp, 4-cyl, Honda Fit.

If I floor it on an expressway, it goes up to about 4000 rpm or so.  A 70 mph it's around 2200.  But it goes up to 8,000 rpm for some reason.  Maybe that's in case I put a monster 150 hp engine in it!

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I use more than the whole tachometer on the sidecar. I shift in between 8,000 and 8,500 I will spin it as high as 9,000


that makes up for the 500 not having a tach 


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