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I had a nightmare


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I had this horrible dream.  I was in a car and I was sitting in traffic.  It was complete gridlock and the truck wasn't moving at all.  In the dream I remember being agitated about all the cars.  I thought to myself, I have not been in traffic since we drove through downtown Grenville, Grenada.  Cars just didn't move there too quickly.


Then I woke up.


My heart goes out to you folks that have to deal with traffic.  I forget how good I have it. 




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"Deal" with traffic.  You just give in after a while.


I am paid handsomely for what I do.  I'd take at least a 25% cut in pay, probably a lot more, to find a comparable job near home.  I am divorced and have alimony and child support, I can't afford a cut in pay.


I put up with traffic.  It takes me 1.5 hours to get home when I drive, and home is only 30 miles away - almost all highway.

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