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Good luck

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We had a temp person here for a few months while an admin person was on maternity.  Today is her last day and I wished her Good Luck.


This was really silly, I don't believe in luck.


I believe that you get what you earn.  If I get hit by a car, it wasn't bad luck, it just happened.  If I win the lottery, it wasn't luck, it's because I bought a ticket.  If I have a wonderful wife it's because I worked hard at making myself a better person and she was attracted to me.


Do you believe in luck, good or bad?

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Did she / he do a good job?  Did you talk to the person about this?  Sometimes life change comes from the strangest places.   


What I suggested just now is way outside my comfort zone by the way and I have done it a bit in the past but not on a consistent basis.


And yes, I believe in luck, happenstance, whimsy, whatever you may choose to call it.

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Winners make their own luck.  


Winning is not always about who is best.  Luck, fortune, happenstance often, if not always, plays a big part in life's events.  Life itself is just one big crapshoot.  Who you are, what you become in life, could have been radically different if something hadn't happened at just the right time and in the right place.  Your very DNA is just luck.  A toss of the dice.  Even from the same parents, two children can be very different people with very different talents and ambitions.


I mentioned it here before.  I had an extremely close call with death many years ago while driving late one night and falling asleep at the wheel.  Another second or two, and I would have most assuredly been killed.  I was lucky.  That's all.  Just dumb luck.  I didn't make my luck, I didn't deserve it.  It just happened.     

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Good luck does not equate to success and bad luck does not equate to failure.  People determine their success or failure primarily by their own actions or, in some cases, by their inaction.


Random or inexplicable events occur in life. Some are truly inexplicable, others happen because the person lacks foresight.  People seek to place a label on the cause of these events, and so they choose the name 'luck' for lack of something better.


Was it bad 'luck' that this happened to me:




Or is it good 'luck' that I wasn't injured and could walk away after my car hit the limb?

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