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Nachos and UCONN women's basketball


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This is a good combination.  UCONN on the tele playing in the quarterfinals of the Big East tournament and pulled pork bbq nachos from a local bbq restaurant.  In years past we would have been at the game.  Decades ago womaxx and I worked for the UCONN basketball program.  I collected tickets at the door and womaxx was door security at the locker room entrance near the end of the court.  This was back before the heady days of undefeated seasons and serial national championships so we weren't stressed by large crowds.  Womaxx from her stool at the end of the court could watch the entire game and tickets were suspended shortly after halftime so I got to watch second halves.  At the time, womaxx worked at the bank across the street from the main campus and eventually she met most of the players.  Too often that was because they couldn't balance a checkbook.  Times seem to have changed a bit on that issue.  :nodhead:

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