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Busy day


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Started getting the tiller ready. Took the geraniums and begonias out side to enjoy some sunshine, they really perked up, I hope they aren't coming out of dormancy too early. Did some more cutting on the fallen tree and burned the small branches and some of the rotted stuff.

Went from this to this. It took a lot longer, and was way more tiring than I remember. I'm wearing out.



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7 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Wow, is that your garage?

I wish, that is a high tech alignment shop. They align and calibrate the self driving systems in modern cars.

When we bought this house that property was a closed down VFW post. They had lost their liquor license and gone bankrupt. There was the barroom building and 5 acres of ground with a pavilion on it. A local body shop owner bought it and put up this building.

So far they are good neighbors. I didn't like having an abandoned bar next door, although there was never any trouble.  

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