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My favourite marker: for freehand flourishes


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...yes, I do pick up one up ..and use it occasionally. Not computer software. So that I can do freehand calligraphy for gift tags, dashing off cards. Yes. Be patient to those who love the feel of drawing tools, surface of  perfect paper of different weights. There is visceral satisfaction..to touch.

Itoya Calligraphy Marker – Itoya  The product. 

And they still make photo albums! :huh:  I guess  good for "antique" / heritage stuff.

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25 minutes ago, Airehead said:

And elegant

My signature and handwriting has degenerated ..significantly over the decades.  So bad, even  my most polite good friends have complained a bit. So I gave up.

So doubtful this  skater pen would improve my signature.

I have not sufficiently practiced my calligraphy, so now it looks uneven.  Beautiful handwritten calligraphy requires near daily practice and one can see the slant angles on letters for perfection plus the feet of letter..depending on the chosen style. 

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