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Christmas is coming up. I think this should be in my stocking


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Are you doing enough to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse? You can go above and beyond by purchasing and assembling a zombie proof log cabin. Tiger Log Cabins is offering a ZFC-1 (Zombie Fortification Cabin) to all those concerned about the possibility of undead attacks. It comes with a ten year anti-zombie guarantee, reinforced slit windows, walls, and doors, an arsenal storage unit, garden section to make sure you don’t starve, a toilet system, a living room with entertainment, and more. You’ll stay safe from zombies and never be bored; I call that a win.

You can customize the 44′ x 30′ cabin which will run a whopping $112,800 for the base model. Extras include installation, water cannons, flame throwers, riot gear, solar panels and more.

Read more at http://nerdapproved.com/approved-products/take-your-paranoia-to-the-next-level-with-this-zombie-proof-log-cabin-kit/#y1Pb49iiVcgHtZSJ.99


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I'm not worried in the least!  My region is completely safe because we have the Zombie Outbreak Response Team ready to take on all zombies with their zombie strike force: a 1998 Jeep Cherokee and their 2000 Honda Accord!






Wow.  You're lucky.   :D

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I'm not seeing the big guy making it too far fighting or on foot..


Ya just need to run faster than the big guy. There's enough "beef" of those bones to keep them Zombies occupied whilst you make yer get-a-way.

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