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Seems more us living abit longer


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I found out a first cousin died a decade ago.  I only met her in  person when I was a teen. She was already living a glamorous life as a flight attendant for Pan-Am. Yes, she was good-looking and 'looked' healthy. I think she did smoke abit.

She died in her 60's. Don't know cause. She lived in San Francisco. I'm abit surprised (and the more I hear of occasional people dying in their 60's, the  more I'm incredulous. Because how I feel health-wise, I feel quite good.)

A bunch of uncles and aunts....were living in San  Fran. for several decades. They worked in garment and restaurant industries.  None of them made it past early 80's. A few died in their mid-70's in 1990's onward. Yes, alot of them would have had predominantly Asian diets because they were immigrants earlier,  with whatever little indulgence on the side. (Everyone has that). 

Meanwhile ...up here in Canada, there's my mom at 88, a great aunt 93 and a first cousin's MIL 95. These 3 never smoked nor drink.  I know personally several more unrelated folks, with parents in Canada in their early-mid 90's.

No one was/ is obese as per the medical definition. That gene has not yet run into our family lines.  (paternal & maternal)  Problems tend to be heart,...and just the body wearing out. 



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28 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Life expectancy for the U.S. population in 2020 was 77.0 years, a decrease of 1.8 years from 2019. It was the first big drop in a while. COVID became the third leading cause of death.

From Statistics  Canada, our govn't authority for collecting this comparative data and presenting it to general public:  Life expectancy and other elements of the complete life table, three-year estimates, Canada, all provinces except Prince Edward Island (statcan.gc.ca)

Detailed data on causes of death is generalized through here..but there is another central source with more detailed medical statistical info. reported via the hospitals and provincial coroners intended for epidemiological researchers.

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This is actually a tool for Canadians ...from a legal and accounting subject publisher  for those professionals. They have fee-based and some freebie stuff for tax planning, retirement. So they probably take same info. from actuarial tables via same govn't authorities.  Life Expectancy Calculator (Canadian) (cchwebsites.com)   So based on my own data input, I could live up to 85 yrs.  It seems right to me.  My father lived until 85 (with last  7 yrs. prostate cancer). My mother's age given in lst post.

Looks like I could live an additional 22 yrs. if no accidents, other health problems. :huh: Honest, not sure I want to live up to a century.


from  Statistics  Canada web pages today:

According to surveillance data produced by the Public Health Agency of Canada, COVID-19 caused over 15,600 deaths in the country in 2020, for a Crude COVID-19 Death Rate (CCDR) of 0.41 per thousand (Table 1). The average age of Canadians who died of COVID-19 in 2020 is 83.8 years. 

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