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Fake news: Zelenskyy has $1.2 billion in a Costa Rican bank and a $35 million Florida mansion


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There's fake news being circulated naming a bank that doesn't even exist in Costa Rica holding $1.2 billion paid to Zelensky by three Ukrainian oligarchs.

And more fake stuff that he owns a Florida mansion next to another one owned by a Ukrainian oligarch.

There has been no proof of corruption by Zelensky, but Ukraine was still rated one of the most corrupt nations in the world before the Russian invasion and even CNBC called Zelensky into question a couple years ago:


Close observers of Ukraine’s new president are keeping a close eye on whether Zelensky could be influenced by Kolomoisky with whom he has business ties. Zelensky is a former comic and actor who starred in a hit TV show called “Servant of the People” (about an ordinary man who becomes president) that was produced by his own production company but broadcast on Kolomoisky’s 1+1 TV channel, which has shown other shows featuring Zelensky.

Kolomoisky was widely seen as one of Zelensky’s main backers and his channel boosted Zelensky’s visibility and popularity ahead of the April election that saw him defeat Poroshenko.

Servant of the people, or the person?

Zelensky campaigned on a manifesto to reform the country and beat corruption, just like the TV character he played. Whether he can maintain this promise with the apparent backing of a powerful business man who supported his candidacy is now under scrutiny.

Kolomoisky has felt comfortable enough under the new Zelensky administration to return to Ukraine after two years of self-imposed exile living abroad, although he has denied he is now an advisor to the president.

The oligarch said last week that he had met with the president on September 10 for the first time since his inauguration, following an invitation. Zelensky’s press office was reported as stating on a Facebook page that the meeting was about “doing business in Ukraine” and about the energy sector.

Kolomoisky told reporters Friday at an energy summit that he had not discussed the future of Privatbank with the president. But eyebrows were raised when Kolomoisky signaled the dispute could be better resolved under Zelensky’s leadership.

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Tell a big lie long enough and some people will believe it especially those with conformation bias issues looking for 'proof' of their beliefs. Disinformation campaigns have happened for centuries.

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