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Two "Air Out the House" Days!


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I'm enjoying fresh air in my house for the first time in a while!

It's been so long since I did anything with my thermostat - new last June - I had to figure out how to turn the heat and cooling off.

We're having highs in the low 70's, but it's been a rainy day, with rain on the windows. It finally cleared up - forecast for several hours - around 2 pm so I opened up a window in every room as well as the front and back doors and the outside temperature should be warm, close to 70°, at least until dusk.

Tomorrow's supposed to be even warmer, a high of 77°, and close to 70° or more from 10 am to around 4 pm, then rainy and warm for a couple more hours.

So I'll take Jake for a 3 mile or so walk around noon on a trail with a lot of shady sections.

I'm glad I took the long times to research and find good stuff, when so little was available last Spring, as the house was being rebuilt.  I knew I'd be berating myself now if I took the easy way out and picked the first reasonable stuff I saw or was afraid to go a little over budget - which the contractor ended up paying for anyway!

I love the Anderson storm doors I discovered last Spring where the upper half glass slides down behind the lower half glass and the screen unrolls from the top - you just need to unclip the glass at the top of the door and slide it down and it's simple and and just takes a few seconds to go between screen and glass in the top half.

My sister, who I relied on for style and practicality advice, recommended the levered handles on my storm and exterior doors - as she has - with the thought, "You can open them with your elbow when you have your hands full of stuff."


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