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I think it is time we all faced the truth


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Kelsey Grammar did "nerd" so well on "Cheers" and "Frasier" that it was hard to picture him as having a drug problem.

He reminded me of a grad student named Ron who was doing atom smashing experiments in the basement of Wishnick Hall, the Chemistry building at IIT, right on State Street in Chicago.

We'd gather down in Ron's lab in the late afternoon to talk and drink beer and share the day's experiences. And there was Ron, crawling among a bunch of metal tubes with a joint in his mouth, aligning them so the atoms being smashed against each other would hit at the correct angles.

As the marijuana smoke drifted down from the array of pipes, I don't know how many times we asked each other, half seriously, if we and the South Side of Chicago were going to end up in a mushroom cloud.

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