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Quote of the Day: William Makepeace Thackeray


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I guess that's true for a "good laugh."

I was think of what must be bad laugh.

I was my sister's turn to pick what program we'd watch on our family's one TV.

I wanted a rerun of Star Trek, but she want Little House on the Prairie.

The episode began with Laura and her husband working on restoring a run-down house to make a new home.

I said, "We know how this is going to end: they'll work hard and build a great house, then a meteor will fall out of the sky and destroy it.  Let's watch Star Trek."

My brother laughed which resulted in me getting scolded by mom and told to shut up.

So we watched Little House and there was no meteor.  It was a tornado that destroyed the completed, restored house.  It was Little House on the Prarie: what else could anyone expect?

Yet, my sister was surprised and crying about the tornado.  My brother and I slipped outside and laughed about our sister's love of tear-jerkers.

To this day, I can't mention that episode to my sister.


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