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Easter items for Kirby


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My sister, by phone, told me that large quantities of the king of local Easter Candy, Mary Sue Pecan Nougat Eggs, are on sale (probably around $10/egg) at a supermarket out in the boondocks along the Bay. They sell-out quick and are hard to find if you wait too long. I'm driving there today to buy 6 if the local Walmart still doesn't have them: one for myself, the rest for the next-generation kids (all but one in their 20's now!) in our extended family who will be part of our Easter Family Gathering.

image.png.fd4606f8ad6dbc71ebed7bacd53acb81.pngPecan Nougat Eggs - Mary Sue Candies

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1 hour ago, Square Wheels said:

Thanks, I got diabetes just looking at that pic.

I broke a tooth just looking at it.

But I am glad to see Frogs getting in on the Easter business.  No reason bunnies, chicks and lambs should have all the fun!:nodhead:

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