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One of our latest health kicks is consuming items with mushrooms.  We saw a Netflix show, then did a bit of research and found Four Sigmatic, a company that offers lots of mushroom products.

These are not psychedelics - sorry, not my thing.

One, Lion's Mane - may have the benefit if reducing the risk of dementia.  I started having that every day in my tea.

Some products you add, some you directly consume, they even have coffee.

Anyhow, if you are interested, here's a link where you get $20 off your first order, and I get a credit in my account too.


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My wife loves mushrooms. I might check it out.

As a kid, mushrooms were completely in the YUCK category.  As an adult, I have them willingly (sometimes enthusiastically) many times a week.  I was much more dopey as a kid.

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Just now, 12string said:

Just curious - did the people who figured out how all these mushrooms act medicinally figure it out while they were high on shrooms?


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...I am fortunate to have a couple of local mushroom farms close enough that their produce shows up at the Sunday farmers market.  Last time I looked, the guy was bringing and selling over a dozen varieties.  But I mostly buy the Crimini mushrooms every week. Those are the Portobello mushrooms, when they are still small.

I once found a psilocybin bloom in a neighborhood yard, but it must have come in as spores on compost, because it did not repeat.


Mushroom identification is one of the more interesting things you can do as a naturalist here. The season is pretty short, though.

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