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What's a good media player?

Mr. Silly

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Have a bunch of music that I listen to at work saved on a flash drive.  Currently I used Microsofts Media Player to listen to them.  The problem is that I have some music in FLAC format and MS Media Player doesn't support FLAC.  So I am looking for a decent media player.  I can't install software on my computer at work so the media player needs to live on the flash drive and not make any changes to the Registry.  


What are some of my better options?



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I steal most of my music from torrents.  I don't have iTunes.  Why would I pay for something I can get for free?

Better reason, why would people want iCrap on their computer if they could help it.  I don't own Mac's for a reason, I don't want Apple intruding and controlling my life.  They make Microsoft seem open and honest anymore.

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VLC and MPC were about the only two 'big' contenders when I was looking a few years ago. I'd say they were very similar. I liked the interface for MPC better as it was similar to the classic Windows Media Player from years ago.


I run a lot of Linux, VLC has been the goto over there for a long time.  So I've always been really used to it.  Plus you need their libs for Handbrake to rip.

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