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It ain't easy!


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This week testing did not go well.  I lost one receiver that simply stopped working.  It was brand new a couple of on off cycles ago, now nada.  Replaced.

I lost a stock throttle control.  It wasn't strong enough to begin with and smoked.  Replaced

Before it smoked it cogged so badly that it corncobbed the input to the transmission.  Replaced gears.

With several test runs the car under test simply wouldn't go straight.  Back in the lab found one shock locating bolt backed out and missing.  Replaced.

I hope this week goes better.

When things go well it looks like this.  I hope mine does before April.


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1 minute ago, bikeman564™ said:

sweet car

That's what the stock Losi 22s Drag Camaro looks like with painted wheels and just the right setting.  Unfortunately all that pretty body weighs a ton and I sold mine.  Maybe once the cars have made it through set up testing I'll have some time to take pictures.  I have a tiny ground stand for the phone to get those low level shots in movie form.

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