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Reconnoitering a Dog Beach


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There's a County Park called "Downs Park" that is on the Chesapeake Bay and where I've cycled the trails but never realized there's a "Dog Beach" at the far end of it, just a 5 minute walk from the parking lot.  There are nearby restrooms for humans a nearby concession stand open by June.

Dogs are allowed without leashes at the beach.  Humans aren't allowed to swim in that park but getting your legs wet is ok at the Dog Beach.  We'll take a tennis ball for Jake to retrieve: after all he's a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

It is one of the county's four $6/vehicle-to-enter parks but I have a lifetime Senior Pass for everyone-in-the-vehicle to all county parks and a lot of cheap but fun days babysitting my nephews were spent at them.

I'm going to take Jake to walk the trails tomorrow and check-out the dog beach: the Chesapeake Bay water is much warmer than the Ocean and dogs will be swimming there in May.  So we'll get wet in May. There are also huge cages, an aviary on a trail about 10 min. from the Dog Beach with peregrine falcons, hawks, and owls.



image.thumb.png.95d8b43c12acd87bedc2f07e557c6c4e.png image.png.1b86399fd93fedd058ade1623b408528.png


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