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N + 1 (Accidental)


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While driving my wife back from a doctor appointment we were passing an area with that is kinda nowheres-ville. I was letting my eyes wander and I caught the glint of a wheel sticking out the ditch.


The half stuck in weeds was a bike. I picked it up, looked it quickly over and shoved it into the trunk. As I was doing that the farmer of the land it was near was riding by on his tractor, I waved him down and he said he has seen it there for a week. Was planning on putting it into the trash on Friday.


Here is what I found:



The bike rides really well. Needs a through and through, adjustment, and paint. Need to look at rear as it doesn't spin freely as smoothly as it should.


All steel. Don't know if I am gonna fix it up as is or make it a single speed


I love free!

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