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New Hole Punch Review


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I am loving the new hole punch.  When I first got it, I failed to properly clean it prior to taking it to the range, and had a large number of feed issues.  Took it home, gave it a good cleaning and lubing and took it back to the range, better but still not great.  Lots of failures to feed or failure to eject.

Took it home and did a bit of research and found that the ejector could use adjustment.  Took it apart again and adjusted the ejector and took it back to the range.  Much better, failure to eject issue was gone, but the failure to feed still remained.  Found there was an issue with the feed lips on the magazines and did some work with a pair of needle nose pliers to get the magazines where they would load easier.  Also bought a used magazine off EBay that had been slightly modified to include an extender.  Of the three magazines, this one fed the best, so I used it as a guage to adjust the other two magazines.

Also added a charging handle to the slide to make it easier to pull the slide back.  

Ryan took the holepunch to the range yesterday and said it rain almost perfect.  He really liked the addition of the charging handle.  The holepunch had two feed issues out of over 100 shots. Not too bad.  Hopefully as we use it more, it will get even more dependable.  98% reliability is okay at best.  Note that no one in my family carries a gun as part of their everday life and I do not keep a loaded gun in my house for self defense.  They are tools for a hobby I enjoy.


HALO Charging Ring for the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory by TANDEMKROSS -  YouTube


SW22® Victory™ Magazine Bumper | TANDEMKROSS


Next addition will be an optics plate mount and a low profile red dot sight.

Tandemkross Shadow Mount V2.0, S&W SW22 Victory, Black: MGW


Smith & Wesson red dot mount - YouTube



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58 minutes ago, Further said:

I have never had a revolving hole punch fail to punch 

I have considered a revolving hole punch.   I do have a semi auto mag fed shoulder operated hole punch and it punches every single time.  As does my bolt action hole punch.

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