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Ever watch The White Shadow, on TV?


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  • bikeman564™ changed the title to Ever watch The White Shadow, on TV?

I always liked Ken Howard and was a big fan of the show when it was on originally.  This is the second White Shadow binge that's been on relatively recently.  I watched a few the last go round and wasn't sure the show really held up, because what seemed gritty in the 70's isn't really so gritty any more.    I believe Bruce Paltrow was one of the execs behind the show, so it had some quality people associated with the show. 

But I still mainly think of Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson in 1776.


ETA:  Bruce Paltrow's wife, Blythe Danner, played Ken Howard's wife in 1776 and William Daniels who played John Adams was later in Bruce's series, St Elsewhere.

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9 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

It's an older 70s show, and I've only seen reruns. But last night was a marathon of them on the Decades Channel. So I watched a few :) 

Yes.  I was playing school basketball when that was on, so it was 'must see tv'

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