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Well, not for me, but for my oldest.  He's a college junior / senior.  He had one of my old cars and it died.  Blown head gasket, plus the heater core has been gone for 2 years.  Far from worth it to fix.  I've been stressed about him driving a junker like this and I'm kinda glad it died.


Decided on a new car, he'll be making the payments, unless he defaults, then I own a new car.


2015 Kia Rio.  It's a nice little car.



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I've owned Kias and Hyundais and found them to be pretty good cars.


If I may offer a bit of advice: They both offer 10 year 100,000 mile warranties.


but but but but but and if I didn't already say but


you absolutely must follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule listed in the owner's manual to keep it in effect.  You don't have to get the work done at the dealer but you do have to keep the receipts. 


And if your son will drive the car in any location where they put salt on the roads, then that throws you into the 'severe' maintenance schedule which is different than the 'normal' maintenance schedule.  I.E. oil changes at 3,000 miles instead of 5,000 miles.  Note the severe schedule says you have to change the timing belt at 37,500 miles instead of 60,000 miles.  You MAY get the dealer to give you a pass on that when 37,500 rolls around but make sure you get it in writing that you asked and they said you could wait until 60,000.  I'd also suggest having the major services at 15K, 30K, etc. etc. done at the dealer.  I've found that it doesn't cost all that much more and if a problem does arise you have that to fall back on.


You do have a little wiggle room on the exact mileage numbers, but it your motor fails at 70,000 miles and you didn't change the timing belt don't expect them to warranty it.


You may have to keep on your son to do the recommended maintenance to keep the warranty in effect.  It's a bit of a pain and some expense to do that maintenance.  With one car I did all the scheduled maintenance and never had a warranty issue.  With another it was very, very nice to go back to the dealer and have them make a repair at no cost out of my pocket because I'd kept the warranty in effect.

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I have a Kia and so do both my daughters and one son-in-law. My son has two Hyundai's plus had one that he traded in. We've all been happy with them. As my son says "The 100K warranty is a rip-off. I never got to use it."


TK is correct though. I've heard tales of some not honoring the 100k warranty if the owner can't prove that the required maintenance was done. 

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