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I woke up laughing from my dream


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2 hours ago, Dirtyhip said:

I was dreaming of whoopie cushions. 

I used the Google to find the meaning of a whoopie cushion dream.   When I tried to open the link to the site that matched the search, my virus software popped up a big red warning about possible malware if I visit the web site. 

So... I take that as an omen that tells me, a dream about whoopie cushions, must be a bad dream.

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I just woke up from a dream I was hiking and very thirsty and came to a concession stand so I ordered a coke. The concession stand worker asked me what was in my hand and I looked and I had a protein drink in my hand. I chugged it and she said well what is that in your other hand and it was a bottle of cranberry juice. She said I don’t need a coke. I told her yes I do, I’m very thirsty. That’s when I woke up and went and got a drink of water. Now I’m going to go back to sleep. Goodnight.

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