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Amazon Stock - Conclusion of last post


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I mentioned in a previous thread that Amazon stock is splitting 20-for-1 on July 15th and some of the fundamental reasons it's a good buy.

I sold some of my Amazon stock at $3320.84/sh in April 2021 to pay for some of the additions, termite damage, etc. on my rebuilt house last year.

I recently bought some of it back this week for $2936.95/sh.  When it splits 20 for 1 in July I hope it stays above $146.85/sh - 1/20th of what I paid.  Analysts are predicting, by consensus $204.90/sh in 12 months ($4098/20).

I hope the analysts surveyed by Yahoo!finance (all numbers adjusted to the pre-split value) are right about it going to at least $3333, as much as $5000, and a consensus $4098 in 12 months, but they're almost always over-optimistic: their job includes encouraging people to buy stock.  Still, the trends in the financials are excellent for a stock with a P/E of 45



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