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speaking of inflation


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16 hours ago, bikeman564™ said:

What's a beer at the strip cost?  20 years ago, $7

Sounds like major league stadium prices.  My brother took me to a Colts at Ravens game for my birthday when Peyton Manning was young, so I paid for the food inside a mezzanine-level cafe at halftime.  We each got a tiny tuna sub about 4" long, a handful of fries, and a 12 oz. beer for $40 total.  The Redskin Commies, Orioles, Nats, and Wizards have similar prices.

Every once in a while, the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Assn. - to which my sister belongs and I get letters from them because I took piano lessons there - does a sports bus trip or stadium event.  They did one event for a Washington Wizards game that cost us $25 each.  Everyone got a Baltimore Bullets tee-shirt (the Wizards used to be the Bullets), but the big thing was we had a big "Johns Hopkins U" reserved room full of free polish dogs, tacos, chicken, french fries, soft drinks, and beer that we, with a hand-stamp, could visit anytime during the game and either eat there or carry the food and drink back to our seats.  The four of us who went - including two teenage boys with bottomless-pit stomachs - probably saved $200 on food.

Meanwhile every once in a while - like on the 4th of July to see the fireworks - we'll go to a AA or A minor league baseball game.  The prices are like McD's!

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