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Got the permanent crown today.


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11 hours ago, groupw said:

Rode the Schwinn over.  It’s only about a mile from my house. Arrived early. They got me in right away. Took about 7 touch-ups to get the bite right. He complimented me on being able to tell where the high spots were on the crown while doing bite tests. He also thanked me for being prompt. Had the crown glued in by about 5 minutes after my appointment was supposed to start. Feels pretty good!

I had a similar set of touch-ups to get the bite right, but didn't get any compliments.

I've known my dentist since she was a young dental assistant, 5 years younger than me, in my previous dentist's office and from my neck of the county and we've always spoken "street talk" to each other.

When I got the permanent crown for my root canal, it kept feeling high in places and she'd curse, "Damn it, what the hell is wrong this time?" followed by the next bite test.

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