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Are there any movies that you have seen once, but never want to see again?

Road Runner

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Two for me, and for totally different reasons.  The Exorcist and Saving Private Ryan.  

I'm not sure about The Exorcist.  A combination of revulsion and disgusting visuals, I suppose.  I didn't think it was a bad movie, but once in a lifetime was certainly enough for me.

I remember taking my son to see Saving Private Ryan when it first came out.  We were both profoundly affected by the stark depiction of the human carnage of war and by the story and its tragic ending.  I remember that after the movie ended, the theater full of people got up and exited in complete silence.  My son and I usually discussed movies we had just seen in detail, but that night, we drove home without a word spoken.  I never felt a need to go through those emotions again.     

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17 minutes ago, Old No. 7 said:

Mary Poppins - ridiculous claptrap.

Forget the movie, go see the musical.  Totally different, and you get a good reason to despise Mary Poppins.  I hear the book is even darker

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