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There was a guy named Dale who, for decades, used to dress like a woman in a variety of whorish outfits with a Britney Spears wig and take a walk in sexy boots a couple miles up and down the local highway. He had great womanly legs and showed them off and many people thought it was a woman! It seemed like everyone knew him and honked and waved at him as they drove by.  Even my nephews, shocked when I told them she was a he, reached the point of waving to him when we'd see him walking down the highway.

Unfortunately, he passed away a little before the COVID pandemic began.

The big local newspaper, the Baltimore Sun, even did a story on him:

Capture1.JPG.510f108977ff05170f1bdad1b8c9fe52.JPG Capture2.thumb.JPG.0ca057e8c04ca9e2633a4210ecd6437f.JPG Capture3.thumb.JPG.3e1a7ed915c2969bdd8dea75d288e9f2.JPG


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