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I like this house


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1 minute ago, bikeman564™ said:

I'm not a fan of modern, but I could see myself living there. Its nicely done.

This tropical modernism.  I could deal with it.  I think BR could even deal with the furniture in the garage.

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3 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

I wonder what flood insurance costs on a $14 M home sitting at sea level in a hurricane zone.

Most of the structure looks like it is a floor up?  Pretty typical for most of the beach houses we rent. 


LOVE the pool.  I would love to have a place to swim laps.  That outdoor setup is dope AF.  The interior looks uncomfortable to live in. 

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22 minutes ago, Kirby said:

Almost $14M and look at how close the neighbor is on one side.

Comes with the territory out there sadly.  Houses stacked on top of houses.   We got lucky and rented a house just off the beach with no neighbors on one side and an empty house on the other, but it was on a tidal lake, not on the ocean in FLA. 

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