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Favorite phone apps

Square Wheels

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Now that we all have mini computers with us all of the time, we should make the most of them.


What are your favorite apps and why?


I like:


Bank of America - I like to be able to see my balance and transfer whenever I need to.


Citi - I can see my balance without logging in.  I can't wait to reach 0.


Garmin Connect - I can sync my steps and runs from my phone.  I don't have a connected Garmin for my bike, so I still connect to a PC for that.  This will be helpful when I go away this weekend.


Facebook - I almost never use Facebook, but when I do it's almost always on my phone.


Find Me GF - it finds gluten free restaurants near my current location,  This has saved me a few times.


Lookout - scans for threats to my phone.


Nook - I can read books here on on my Nook.


Solitaire - Yup.




That's about it.  There is a bunch of other stuff, but nothing exciting.

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My phone is a work phone so no apps for me 



My wife has an app for the Provincial liqior commission so if we are out and she likes the wine the restaurant is serving, all she has to do is scan the bar code on the bottle (or name) and it'll tell you where locally it is currently in stock.  Cool but expense feature

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ABC -since they allow chromecast streaming this is one of my main sources of entertainment at night

NFL- especially sinice verizon wireless now gives all games streaming free. I use the mirror function on chromecast to watch all games in hd. Awesome

MyOldBoy and MyBoy- allows me to play old Gameboy, Gameboy advance Roms. Big time waster.

Gas buddy- finds gas stations and compare prices

Imgur- no way I would get through the day without this.

Clementine- music app, Connected to my server for music on my Linux machine, allows me to stream my music anywhere and send it via bluetooth to any bt speaker.

Chromecast - seriously the best hardware Google has come out with. The app allows manipulation of my phone like never before. Sweet.

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I use the smartphone for pictures, texting, and talking.. Apps are either here or there for me.. I think the only one I use the most is the weather app. Other then that.. I don't have much more use for other apps.

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Really cool apps I have on my cell phone:


Dyl-an-Zen-Dit I push the number buttons on phone, hit 'send', and my phone connects to that number


Ringadingeo When someone calls my cell phone it emits a ringing sound, just like a real phone


Kwy-Et When the Ringadingeo app gets really annoying, this app shuts that one off


Hoo Izit This app displays the phone number of the person trying to call me


Lettermann I can create a message with the phone key pad and send it, almost like an email except it takes a lot longer


Fillerrupp This app displays a little battery symbol on my phone when I plug the charger into it, in case I forget what that black thing plugged into the wall and connected to my phone is doing.

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