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We are driving on a protected bike path


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32 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

We did it for.a.positive reason. Had to collect bags and move it. Too hard to carry it.

Lately, we've had the utility line workers out putting up a new power line.  Months and months of dirt on the trail near where they are working on various poles.  The bigger trucks have no easy place to pull off, so get a little parade behind them :)



And then you still got to get around the other guys on the team.


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12 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Sad that there was so much trash but happy it was picked up. 

i think some of it is just due to the wind blowing it around.  Construction sites can cause trash.  Stuff flies out of people's vehicles or off their person. There was one section where it looked like someone just dumped their home trash out.  Like 3 gross bags of house trash.  Such a bummer.  We cleaned up an entire section of trail.  I had a great crew.  We accomplished so much and in the rain. I was very thankful for my ELEVEN people working on the cause.

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5 hours ago, jdc2000 said:

Where does that path go?


Basically New York, or further.  You can link up all these rail trails to go across the country. There are several ways to go.  

This can link up to Walmart, eventually.

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