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saturday night dinner


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6 minutes ago, groupw said:

We are going to have lobster ravioli with an Alfredo sauce, salad and garlic bread. 
The car show/flea market had food trucks. Found one with jerk chicken fries. A guy ahead of me wanted the “spicy” chicken. It had not even been mentioned on the menu, but there was a “nudge/wink” going on. Apparently their POS system was having issues so the guy at the pickup window was double-checking orders. He asked my order and I told him the jerk chicken fries…and can I get them spicy. The look on his face when a borderline senior citizen with a Nebraska T-shirt asked for spicy! Are you sure you want spicy? Yep! Ok….

About that time the lady who ordered before me overheard the conversation. I only mention she was black because her southern/urban dialect just added to the conversation. 
Wait….what’s this talk about spicy? Why doesn’t the menu say we can get spicy? I would like mine spicy too! The guy didn’t even argue or question her. 
We got our orders and tables were full so WoW and I found some curb under a tree. As we were eating the lady walks over and said “I’m sure glad we found out about the spicy! I would have been disappointed in the mild!” She was right! It was sinus clearing hot, but the flavor added made it worthwhile! 

Tell him you are a HelotesHusker!

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