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A DUH Moment


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I bought a reusable K&N brand, furnace forced-air filter in November and was a month behind the recommended clean-it-every-3-months.

So I cleaned it yesterday.  The dust catching side was a tan color - I couldn't remember what it originally looked like and I thought that dirt was making it different than the grayer, screen side which looked like this online pic except a little brighter and a little blue:


I washed it twice according to directions and using the overpriced K&N spray cleaner.  I couldn't make the tan go away.  I could blow on one side and feel the air passing through, so I thought it would be ok and I put it back in it's return-air slot next to the furnace, hoping it would be fine.

Today I thought: DUH!  Why don't I look at the pictures of the new filter on the internet?  It was tan!

The first, non-reusable filter that was on the furnace also filtered the central air conditioning air and got really dirty in a few months so I expected a dirty filter yesterday: that's probably because of all the dust that first filter collected from and during the house rebuild and then the ultra-clean, new house I started out with didn't send much dust into the filter.


The online pics of a part clean/part dirty filter looked like this and mine was pretty clean to start with:



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1 hour ago, bikeman564™ said:

Hmm, I didn't know K&N made furnace filters. I had one on my Grand Prix

Einstein said he did not know this either. Then he proceeded to tell me about high performance automotive filters. 

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