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They crowd the fence when I go in there.  They totally surround me.  As soon as I come in, they run to their feeding zone. I unlock the feed area and grab hay and grass that i toss over that board that they are all looking over.  Valentino the male is very sweet.  He is less aggressive than the big females.  He is molting or losing big chunks of fur.  I want to brush him, but she didn't leave me a brush or anything.  I pulled some of the molted fur off him.

7 hours ago, Page Turner said:

...if you think deer are vexatious in terms of eating your stuff, goats are like deer to the exponential  third power.

I've never known a chicken who lived alone. That is sad. :( They like company.

Something killed all of her chickens.  She got this one from someone that wanted to get rid of her.  She said she has a new flock coming from another person that is getting rid of their chickens.  I may bring her a treat tonight.  I have some lettuce.  

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